1. Doors open at 4:00 PM.
  2. No one may enter the
    grounds without a ticket.
  3. You must have the
    ticket and Photo I.D, to
    enter the event.  Only
    one admitted per ticket.  
    No one under the age of
    21 permitted.
  4. Food, beer and soft
    drinks included in ticket
  5. If the number of an
    unsold ticket and/or
    kicker ticket is drawn, a
    new number will be
    drawn until a number  
    for a sold ticket and/or
    kicker ticket is drawn.  
    All prizes will be
  6. Freedom Cares is not
    responsible for
    typographical errors.
  7. Identification is required
    for the prize to be
  8. Income tax on the cash
    and prizes are the
    responsibility of the
  9. Any prize not picked up
    within 30 days will be
    mailed to the winner,
  10. Additional raffles and
    drawings will be
    available throughout the
    day of the event at an
    additional cost.
  11. There will be a $30 fee  
    on all returned
  12. All winners will be
    notified by phone, e-
    mail or mail.
  13. B.Y.O.B. is welcome.
  14. All decisions by
    Freedom Cares are
    deemed final.
  15. Registered ticket holder
    may purchase "kicker"
    ticket for an additional
    $10.  "Kicker" ticket
    may be purchased upon
    arrival at event.  Only
    registered ticket holders
    may claim prize.  No
    checks will be accepted
    for purchase of "kicker"
  16. "Kicker" ticket may not
    be sold to a third party.
  17. All winnings will be paid
    in full prior to the
    disbursement of
    remaining funds to any
    participating "school"
  18. No students are
    permitted to be
    involved in any aspect
    of this fundraising
  19. Make checks payable to
    Freedom Cares.
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Rules & Regulations
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